Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tutu Cute

You have to know going in that your kid will not wear anything else, even to bed for a long time!
These skirts are made of the softest nylon tule and twirl out something fierce. My oldest daughter, Isabel (the one in the blue skirt) is a TOM BOY and I couldn't believe it when she put her skirt on without complaining and started swishing it back and forth and then bouncing the ruffle on her knees, she said it was just like juggling her soccer ball and then wonder of wonders she told me it was her FAVORITE SKIRT EVER! We will find the princess in that tom boy yet! The other two are just as in love with theirs, in fact Annie (pink) wore her's hiking last week because she refused to take it off. And Madeline (purple) wears her skirt to school.
These skirts come in: Candy pink, Light blue, Red, Jade green, Rainbow, and Black.

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